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Hosted Journeys


Photo of Laura Gonzalez Owner and Travel Advisor

Our Hosted Journeys

Welcome to the incredible world of Hosted Journeys with Vacation Artisans, where Laura Gonzalez, the heart and soul behind our trips, is your travel connoisseur.


Get ready for some seriously awesome adventures! Laura's got this knack for making every trip an absolute masterpiece and loves to share her travel experiences with friends - old, new, and yet-to-be-introduced.

Picture this: unique luxury trips for you and your crew. We offer journeys for families, friends, couples, and solo travelers. We're not talking about regular vacations; these are personalized works of art, crafted with love and a whole lot of creativity.

A Northern Lights Experience

Departing from Bergen, Norway - March 15, 2025

Embark on a voyage of a lifetime of beauty, culture, and history with Vacation Artisans as we invite you to join us in Norway for a Northern Lights Cruise with 34 port stops over 11 days, crossing the Arctic Circle from Bergen to Kirkenes and ending in Trodheim.

Immerse yourself in the magic of coastal Norway, from quaint towns to iconic cities, while experiencing the enchanting Northern Lights with a guarantee that ensures you witness this natural spectacle or sail again for free.


With accommodations catering to families, a Coastal Experience Team led by scientists, and a culinary journey through five distinct Norwegian restaurants, this extraordinary adventure promises to be a masterpiece of unforgettable moments shared with loved ones.

A wide choice of optional excursions allows you to delve more deeply into the dramatic landscapes and charming culture of Norway at many of the 34 ports. 

The cooler weather of winter and spring turns Norway into a wonderland of snow, best enjoyed on excursions such as dog sledding or cross-country skiing for beginners. Or how about trying your hand at snowmobiling over a frozen fjord, hopefully with the Northern Lights dancing above? 

Journey to see the Northern Lights while in the projected peak activity cycle. Nature is displaying a masterpiece in the sky not to be missed! 

Can't wait to see where we are going next?

Get the inside scoop on our Hosted Journeys – unique, personalized, and crafted with love. Laura Gonzalez and the Vacation Artisans team are ready to sprinkle a bit of wanderlust magic into your inbox!

Don't miss out on exclusive updates, travel tips, and surprises that will make you smile. It's like having a travel connoisseur who sends you postcards from every corner of the globe!

Adventure awaits – hit that "Where to next" button and be the first to know when new Hosted Journeys are available!

Looking for Travel Inspiration?

If you haven't found your perfect match among our Hosted Group Trip offerings, fear not! Check out our Vacation Ideas for a treasure trove of inspiration and popular vacation destinations that go beyond the conventional. Discover the art of travel customization as we unfold stories of enchanting locales, share insider insights, and present handpicked destinations that resonate with the essence of your desires.

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