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Why You Should Consider Small Ship Cruises in Alaska

Breaching whale

Crafting an unforgettable journey is at the heart of what we do, and Alaska provides a stunning canvas for a masterpiece of memories. There are many ways to see Alaska, one of my favorites is via small ship cruises. Here are three reasons to consider a small ship cruise for your next Alaska vacation of advantage:

Intimate Artistry: Small ship cruises offer an exclusive and intimate experience, allowing travelers to truly connect with the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Imagine sailing through narrow fjords, getting up close to glaciers, and witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat—all while basking in the privacy of a smaller vessel. It's a canvas where every detail is vivid, and the connection to nature is profound.

Tailored Experiences: Much like an artist carefully selects their palette, small ship cruises allow for a more curated adventure. From kayaking or Zodiac tours to experiencing a Polar Plunge right from the ship, small ship opportunities cannot be matched.

Seamless Navigation: Navigating the intricate waterways of Alaska requires finesse and precision. Small ships provide the advantage of accessing secluded ports and navigating narrower channels that larger vessels can't reach. This not only enhances the sense of discovery but also allows for a more immersive exploration of the diverse landscapes, creating a travel masterpiece that unfolds with each passing day.

Whether it's arranging a private shore excursion to a remote glacier, organizing a personalized culinary event onboard, or crafting exclusive encounters with local cultures, let Vacation Artisans ensure that every stroke of your Alaskan journey is uniquely yours.


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